1.Catalogue of Services

Consult the Catalog of Services , it will indicate those legal and / or organizational services that you request.

2. Request for Services

The organization must complete the Service Request (download pdf version, here ), in which the Organization

3. Document Evaluation

The Coalition will evaluate the documents and notify the Organization of its determination.

4. Signature of Agreement

An Agreement will be signed between the Organization and the Coalition to formalize the relationship between both parties.

5. Link with lawyer

Once this process is concluded, the Organization will be linked to a lawyer referred by the Coalition.


From now on, the relationship will be established directly between the lawyer and the Organization, although the Coalition may follow up on the handling of cases.

The first step is to meet with the NPO to identify the economic capacity of the organization, as well as the legal and organizational needs to be met. From this meeting, the best resource is identified to meet the identified need, and a meeting is held with both the non-profit organization and the referred lawyer. Services agreements are signed between the parties: an agreement between the non-profit and the Coalition and another agreement between the latter and the referred lawyer.


Another  service of great impact  is training workshops on relevant legal aspects in the management of organizations and legal aspects related to the specific work they perform, such as labor rights and employee manuals; procedural manuals; protection of marginalized sectors in the areas of advanced age, health, education; volunteer management; lobbying and "advocacy", intellectual property; management of micro and social enterprises; environmental conservation and tax-exempt housing. The need to provide these training workshops stems from the reality in which many non-profit organizations operate, where they do not have enough resources to cover their training and strengthen their operations.

Criteria for qualification of organizations


  1. Non-profit corporations, community-based organizations or similar entities, whose primary mission is to provide services that benefit people or communities with limited economic resources, disadvantaged, marginalized or in any way affected by adverse socioeconomic situations, emergencies or natural disasters.

  2. That they do not have sufficient financial resources to pay legal fees.


The Coalition may request information regarding the economic status of the applicant organizations.