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Process for attorneys

Lawyers interested in participating in the Coalition Network must:


  1. Complete the Volunteer Lawyer Application.

  2. Once accepted into the Pro Bono Network, the attorney must sign an Agreement with the Coalition.

  3. Lawyer will be matched with an organization that has been evaluated by, and is referred to by the Coalition.

  4. A Letter of Agreement with the organization will be signed to formalize the relationship between the parties.


If you complete the pdf version of your Form, send it to

Criteria for the qualification of lawyers

  1. Lawyers duly admitted to practice the legal profession in Puerto Rico, who are not subject to any disciplinary action or suspension, in effect.

  2. Interested in offering their pro bono services to the non-profit organizations designated and referred by the Coalition.

  3. Those attorneys who want credit for their pro-bono work, as required by the Regulations for Court Appointed Lawyers in  Puerto Rico, adopted by the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, on October 2018, as amended (201D.PR 261), shall comply with all the requirements and formalities stipulated therein.



The Legal Coalition for Puerto Rico is an organization created to connect nonprofit organizations with attorneys willing to render pro bono legal services to them.

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